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Du 20 novembre 2023 au 21 novembre 2023
Libyan Council for Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy (LCOGRE)

\"Libyan Council for Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy (LCOGRE) is very excited to be hosting the third workshop on partnership between private and public sector companies for establishing and investing in the Early Production Facilities (EPF). This workshop is organized by the LCOGRE in cooperation with the National Oil Corporation (NOC). The LCOGRE is looking forward to developing ways of joint cooperation with NOC to develop the Libyan oil sector, and open the door for investment in the interest of both parties, and move the wheel of development in Libya. The workshop will be held on November 20-21, 2023, in Corinthia hotel, Tripoli. We hope you will join us for this important event. Your participation will ensure the success of the workshop. Please confirm your participation at the workshop by 31 October 2023 sending an email to LCOGRE .


The workshop includes the following basic topics:

• The concept of Early Production Facility (EPF)

• Challenges facing production and required technical solutions

• Development of discovered oil fields and enhanced recovery from reservoir

• The importance of private sector participation in the development and production of oil and gas

• Appropriate methods for processing gas associated with oil

• Practical applications of managing oil facilities and raising its productivity

• The advantage and disadvantage of private-sector investment in this field

• Promoting research and development activities and their impact on productivity and environmental standards

• Regular inspection and troubleshooting

The objective: The objective of this workshop is to improve the productivity of the oil and gas wells in Libya. Libya\'s economy is based on oil revenue. Libya’s oil sector faces a host of challenges led to a decrease in oil and gas production. Early Production Facility is essential and fundamental for enhancing and improving Libya\'s oil sector by increasing production and reducing costs\"



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